Friday, January 14, 2011

David Garrigues

I cannot forget the picture that I saw lately on  David,'s blog.

All my excuses that come into my mind in order to postpone a task or to avoid it seem ridiculous after having seen David sitting in a dark dirty tiny cave warmly dressed, even with shoes on, because it's too cold there to practice yoga barefoot. He sits there in that uncomfortable, ugly place in lotus pose, he is practicing Ashtanga yoga.
He has no excuses.

And why am I not doing a little evening routine? Because the carpet is too soft? Really????
Do I really have to postpone my space clearing activities, because it's dark in here? I didn't.

Each time when I find myself in an inner discussion, a dialogue if something can be done or not, or if I should postpone it or......the picture of David pops up. And I have no excuses anymore either.

Ashtanga yoga is dangerous, it has the potential to change our lives.
This is a warning before reading his blog post. It has the potential to change you and your habits.

Wow, my admiration for David. You too can become a fan of him on fb. I am.


jsf said...

I'm a fan, too!

Loved that New Year's post. Ursuline, c'est J--, en France. I changed my username to be private.

Ursula said...

Cous cous,

Yes, a wonderful honest post by David. His blog has a lot of practical tips for the Ashtanga practice. It's worth reading it, for sure.

Bonne soirée......