Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The bones

"My old bone," I say sometimes to my bf.
Can bones become older? And can we keep our bones young?

I wanted to learn a bit more about anatomy and bought the book  by Ray Long "Yoga Anatomie 3D".
In addition I searched the web.
Was I astonished when I learned that healthy nutrition and work-out keep the bones young? Not really.
Btw, we have about 206 bones. They make only 12% of our weight. Hahahaha.

They are twins, different sides of the same coin: food and exercise.

The cell bones need calcium.
Movement improves the bone density.

Here is a list of vegetables with calcium.
Broccoli is outstanding.

This is not much information that I wrote here, for me it is sufficient. It's enough info to keep me motivated to eat healthy and to move my body.

Uttanasana B (see picture): To go from uttanasana A to uttanasana B is a very short way. Nevertheless the length of the inhaling remains the same. This means that one has to move very slowly. More or less this pose prepares the jumping back into chaturanga dandasana. Some yogis/yoginis move forward till the finger tips touch the floor. I prefer to keep the flat hand on the floor, because with the next exhaling I've to put the flat hands on the floor again. the picture shows somthing else, because my first suryas are still stiff and my flat hands are not on the floor. In order to prepare the jump back, I bend my knees.

Movements must adjust to the breath, not the other way round.

Time to practice.........

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