Monday, January 31, 2011

Blogger issues.

Blogger drives me crazy.

Whoops! You're out of space. Purchase more storage.

Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, and Google Docs, and is in addition to your free quota. Learn more
I got this failure message this morning and yesterday, too. Blogger does not allow me to upload pictures anymore. Has anybody the same issue. My pictures are not stored in Picasa. Thanks.
I already reported this issue to the editor. Nothing has changed so far, I also got no info.

Focus, focus, focus. I'm glad that I can go to a Mysore class this morning. This distracts me from these issues.


Arturo said...

dear Ursula
it's no biggie, really. picasa is owned by google/blogger. your pictures posted in the blog are deposited in picasa servers, whether you officially use picasa or not. it's only $5 to pay for a year of storage that is gigantic. i received this message last year and was dismayed, but after paying the $5 realized it was no problem. I post a LOT of pictures, so those take up space quicker. but yet, it's good for a whole year. if you post videos it might eat more bandwidth sooner.

Ursula said...

Thank you so much Arturo,
The money is surely not the issue, but I feared that there might be a criminal company behind this as I always read it's for free.

So thank you very much, storage is bought, within 24 hours I can upload pictures again. How wonderful.