Friday, January 28, 2011

....being mentally tough.

Jungle camp:
Oh yes, this jungle camp reminds me of former jobs, where I experienced mobbing. It is possible to get into a situation where whatever you do, everything is interpreted negatively. People talk bad about you behind your back or they don't talk at all to you. Very soon one is isolated. Then one needs lonesome wolf qualities. This is what happened with Peer, the group (a group consists of single members) cut him dead. What made the campers so aggressive is that he simply didn't express prejudices too fast like all the others. He remained open and kind to everybody.

M was not even able to say good-bye to Peer when he had to leave the camp and Peer and M got closer to each other in the first week. M was not even able to show minimum manners when he had to go. It's more than disappointing. Now M apologizes for his behaviour on his website. M presented himself as an old man with the life experience of a teenager. Manners? It's a word he obviously must look up in a dictionary. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Enough words wasted on him.

Despite the aggression of the group against Peer, he fights to get a star for the food. He is the one who is truthful to himself. He is a strong man. He is someone who is able to show emotions, even tears. I wish him strength for the last days, mental toughness. There are situations that invite to give up, situations that seem hopeless and especially then it's important to go on. He does not know that he became a darling of the spectators and millions watch.

First the boring people had to go: a man who wanted to die and slept on his bed all the time. A woman who wants to have a man and children. Yawn, yawn. And the others I cannot remember anymore.
Then it seems as if the intriguer have to go. Good so. Hahahaha......

The spectators obviously vote for Peer. Me too. I call and call and call for him. At least in the Australian jungle the good one shall win.

Picture: A variation of ushtrasana.

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