Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back bending

Yes, finally these carpets have a use. They help me to come up from urdhva dhanurasana.

When I drop back I land with my hands on the carpets. It's much higher than the floor, but I need it that high. Then I come up.

The idea is, when I feel really good coming up, I'll remove a carpet, till I drop to the floor.

I filmed today, but no, the head is cut, I don't like this at all. They are nor for publishing. My videos bring me always down to the floor. My back is straight, it needs much more flexibility.

I change my self-talk from "I don't give up", to "yoginis always find a way to get what they want".

Whoever wants to learn back bending, I highly recommend the blog by David. He shows the way. I read his instructions and watch the videos he has produced. It's so helpful.

Time to move on. My primary was good, but it took all too long.
Space clearing first, before it's dark again.....:)

Don't forget to buy your amazon products via my blog......hahahaha, thank you.

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