Friday, January 07, 2011

Back bending feels good

Back bending feels good. This can be a mantra.
Back bending gets better and better. This is also a good mantra, a supportive approach.

When I practice at home I have more time to explore the asanas. Yesterday I practiced primary again.
Supta kurmasana is still a challenge. I tried to take the legs behind the head while sitting. I used the sofa as a support in the back. It was difficult to lower down to the floor once the legs were behind the head. Also this could be done, but then it was impossible to hook the fingers behind my back. This exercise yesterday makes me believe that it can be easier to learn crossing the legs in front of the head while the head is on the floor already and the fingers hooked. I must ask the experts how to go on with my exercises here.

In classes I practice one asana after the other. At home I play and explore. I add asanas which I found supportive. Hanumanasana i.e. I add. I do some jumping against the wall. Handstand I exercise, too. Flow gets lost that way, but I can experience flow in classes.

It's still morning, I've plans for today. Action.
I discovered zazzle this week. It allows to put pics on cups and bags, even shoes. This is what keeps me busy. I put my pics on objects and then they are for sale.

Primary first. I'll start with the CD by Sharath. It helps me. About 3 weeks no Mysore classes take place. I'm glad that I've established a home practice.

Currently reading: Vinyasa Krama by Matthew Sweeney. I rediscovered this book. It's excellent.
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lilasvb said...

back bending is so hard but it is also so involving!

Ursula said...

Back bending is not easy, but it becomes easier.

Lady Fashionista said...

I still can't do it and feel comfortable, my neck hurts, I don't know how to let my neck without tension and yet don't let it fall.
Still working on it!


jgc said...

Bending backward is not an easy job.
Such postures make our arms and shoulders more powerful. The spine would get proper exercise, too.
Here are some useful yoga videos .