Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 is my back bending year

The challenges are:
1. Coming up from urdhva dhanurasana
2. Coming up from laghu vajrasana
3. Kapotasana
4. Going from handstand to urdhva dhanurasna and coming up again.

Brainstorming: What can I do to improve these poses?
1. staying longer in those asanas
2. repeating it more often, during a practice and during a day.
3. visualization might help.
4. believing that it's possible, a positive attitude is surely supporting
5. watching YouTube videos, studying the books
6. applying the knowledge, using the bandhas, engaging the muscles, breathing correctly.....
7. losing the 2 extra kilos.

These are the tools I know.
Write it down, let it happen. More cannot be done.
Practice, practice, practice.......

A view in the future:
Viparita dandasana
Eka pada viparita dandasana
Viparita salabhasana (not sure if this will be possible for me)
Ganda bherundasana (yeah, nice pose, why not look at it)
Vrschikasana A (I exercise this pose already)
Padangustha dhanurasana A and B
Eka pada dhanurasana
Parivrttasana A and B

Wow, I'm astonished myself how far it can go with that back bending game. It's stuff for the next 20 years....

I added a calm practice in the evening and this was so good. I exercised side split and some back bending asana.
The first week in 2011 had begun and I overslept. I don't care. I'm enjoying my coffee.


lilasvb said...

back bending is a realu challenge!! a great good challenge

Ursula said...

It will keep me busy, for sure.

Anna said...

Ursula - it's 'losing' !

Ursula said...

Hi Anna, this was a trap for you, to see if you're still reading despite my sales activities.....hahahaha.

THANK YOU. These mistakes are like brain tatoos. I run to correct it.

Happy new year to you.

Anna said...

Happy New Year to you too! Yes, I am still reading!