Monday, January 10, 2011

10 years of journalling........

Every 3 weeks I've a marathon cleaning day. I'm not alone then, a Polish woman is helping me. Oh, how I wish to speak a bit of Polish language. She helps me a lot, but a few things I have to do on my own. I have to go through my books on my own i.e. to decide which books I want to keep and which books I want to discard. All the space clearing activities are my jobs.
I'm a profound person and so I take all the books out of the shelf dedust the shelf itself with the vacuum cleaner. I wipe the shelf down with water afterwards. I dedust each book with a dish towel. That way each book gets some extra love and appreciation and attention, I'm a book lover.

During that cleaning marathon last Saturday, I discovered my private journals. Wow, I was astonished. Have I really written that much during the last 10 years. What can be seen on the picture is the work of 10 years. Every day I wrote 3 pages. Every day!

Journalling saved my life, I can say this.
From I to eye, I read somewhere, this is true, too. Journalling opens the eyes.

The space clearing activities have to go on, it's a symbolic act of letting go!!!!

Months ago I've started a facebook group: journal adventures. (A link can also be found on the right side of this blog). I activated this group this weekend. Every week I'll post a task from the book by Louise Doughty "A novel in a year". If you still want to join and write a novel within a year, it's not yet too late. Be welcomed.


lilasvb said...

congratulations! 10 years it is just whouaou!!! i also love to write in journal pages
an i be part of your project?

Ursula said...

It's so much faster to type, but I don't want to lose my handwriting. This is one reason.
Another one is,it's easier to have a journal in my handbag than to carry around a PC.

Love it that you join the novel-project. Have fun with it. I join you as soon as I get your request.

Paz said...

Everything is calling you to inspire doing what you love most. And merging words, body, eating can be so rewarding. Capitalize your talents.
Focus them on a single intention. Drop the peeble and observe the magic!


Ursula said...

This last post was written with your words in my mind.

Yeah, it's a project now: journalling. I think of the next step now. The project title needs some thinking, too. The baby is still young. I must give it some energy.

Thank you......:)


I tried to find out a bit more about you. The only thing I could find out is that you're from Spain. So greetings to Spain. I think you are a man, but this can be wrong, too. Hahaha.....:)
Have a great evening.

Kaivalya said...

I'm also doing some space clearing and I have 15 notebooks of my journaling (also over 10 years). I'm planning to scan these pages into PDF documents, so I can recycle the books and have less paper to store (and also backup my writing)

Ursula said...

I fear most of the pages I'v written are not worth the time to scan it.

The moment will come where I have to think what to do with all these journals.

C.K. said...

I don't know if she will come to Germany, but you will love these articles about a NYC organizing whiz:


and Here