Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's snowing again. This is winter at its best. My bf is yearning for his mother. So today we have to travel to the north. We'll take the train after lunch. G, his mother wasn't bored yesterday night. She wasn't even at home, probably the neighbours have invited her.

Here everybody is happy with the presents. This is very good. I'm even very happy.

It's Saturday, but I consider at least a few sun salutations. To sit on the sofa, to sit in the train, which is probably overcrowded is a bit too much sitting. And this evening we'll do nothing else but sitting around.

I'm sipping my coffee. My mother is preparing the big lunch. She is a perfect cook. My brother and his wife will join us, too.

Yes, I'll do some sun salutations. I owe this my perfect body.

Relaxed days for everybody.

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