Friday, December 24, 2010

The weather, the weather, the weather.....

The streets are icy and as smooth as glass. The trains are overcrowded. A train even was bogged down in the pampas in the middle of last night. The overhead contact line was frozen. Airports are closed. The situation won't change today.
It's very reasonable that E stays here with me and my parents. He was sad because this means that his mother will be alone this night on Christmas Eve. The brother won't come home to her either due to the catastrophic traffic situation. The mother is relaxed I learned even though she'll be alone tonight. We'll call her again later to wish her a "Merry Christmas". And tomorrow we'll take the train to the north to see her. After lunch!!! I'll come with E how wished from him.

(I love  that he will stay here. Hehehe.)

"You'll have another robber baron here for dinner tonight," I said to my mother. She loves it, too. She always has food for 2 more guests.

The heater is on, I feel warm. Give me another 30 min and then I'll step on the mat in the living room. It's Friday and primary is on the schedule. Not to practice on such sofa days would be a big sin.

Merry Christmas to everybody. Stay relaxed.
....shall everybody be happy with the presents, might you like them or not. If you get nothing be even more happy. This saves space clearing next year. Being in peace needs no special circumstances.
My grandma was the best. She unwrapped her presents. If she didn't like it she gave it back a min later with the words: "You like it more than I do."
She did most things a bit different than everybody else.


C.K. said...

I love the story about your grandmother.

Happy Christmas and Om Shanti!

amyjazz1907 said...

Merry Christmas.....

Ursula said...

Happy, happy Christmas to you Cara.

My grandma was a classic, so entertaining.

Om Shanti.

Ursula said...

Merry Christmas to you, amyjazz1907