Friday, December 03, 2010

Urdhva dhanurasana

For me it's more to understand a pose, to learn what a pose aims at than to cheat myself. For me urdhva dhanurasana is not about dropping back firstly. To be able to come up from this pose and to drop down is the consequence when the body is open. To do a pose correctly is also important because I want to avoid injuries.

Urdhva dhanurasana opens and lengthens the front side of the body, hips, chest.

When I practice at home I use a strap around my upper thighs. The knees shall always be parallel. I know that they tend to drift apart. Also the feet shall be parallel. Despite the strap they are not 100% pointing forward in the movie. I will take care of this the next time.

This pose is a challenge. I still have to convince myself to do it after all these forward bending asanas of the first series. With each repetition it becomes easier. By now I cannot come up from this pose. It's possible that this will happen next year. Hahaha. I'm curious.

The movie shows my current possibilities and how I exercise.
The inner work cannot be seen, so here still a few comments:
- I push my feet and hands as much as I can on the floor.
- Especially the inhaling shall arch my body more.
- I move forwards and backwards to open hips and chest.

I'm ready for a Mysore class now. Primary today. I'm looking forward to it. I'll practice full vinyasa to develop strength (and because it feels better). An asana begins with samasthithi and it ends with samasthithi.

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Barabara davis said...

I have always loved this pose and the Triangle pose. Both challenge my body and I am thankful that Yoga has made me flexible enough to meet all the challenges.