Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Up, yeah......

Yesterday was my yoga free day. The Source wanted me not to practice. What can I do then. When the Source wants to play with me........

Today I go to a Mysore class. This is good. It forces me to go out and it's freezing cold outside. I will put on my yoga clothes already at home. Then my jeans. This shall keep me warm. I don't want to feel cold still 30 min after having started practicing. Winter is not my time.

Second series today.
I discovered drishti lately. It makes a difference in which direction I look, I realized. Shall the breath and drishti be my focus. Engaging the muscles is also so important. I need to be strong.

Second coffee.
Ah, this is good, second series and second coffee.
Oh, time to call my bf to wake him up. I won't call him a second earlier than wished, I know how he adores his sleep, and how he needs it. He knows that I get up early. Hahaha. it's true, this has changed in the last decade. I go to bed on time, mainly far before midnight. I want to get up early to practice in the morning. For my morning practice I want to be well-rested. Even though sometimes I don't practice in the morning, but the habit to get up at 6 is good. I prefer to take a nap in the early afternoon when tired. This is not new, I know, but I just thought about it. Change always happens.

Today is the first December. Due to this Christmas euphoria here, I have the feeling as if the year is already over. But we all have still one entire month to do all the things we think that must be done.

I started planning 2011, and I look back. What happened in the last year, I wonder. At least I could enjoy this nothingness.
My yoga improved, I made new friends. This is wonderful.
My professional life is a disaster. I shall not give up. Shall the cosmos care for me. However. To delegate is good.

My yoga goals for 2011 are very clear:
It's working mainly on second series. All the asanas that were introduced to me must be exercised. Again and again.

A book that improved my mood yesterday night:
Satyam Nadeen "From pearls to onions". It's only something for people who want to wake up.
This book is a wake up call:

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