Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tittibasana A, B, C

Tittibasana A is already known from primary. Here it is a transition, part of vinyasa. It's part of bujapidasana and kurmasana and supta kurmasana. This only to remind you. In the second series tittibasana A is a pose.

To say it right away: I don't try to go from tittibasana A to bakasana. This is too much for me in the current moment.

The poses on the movie require a lot of strength and flexibility!!! I must mention this. It looks easy, it isn't. Again we have a variation of supta kurmasana, this time in standing position. To walk while in this position really makes the leg work hard.

My comments on the poses seen on the video:
(If you click on the name you can see my development of these poses. Oh yeah, progress can be seen.)

Tittibasana A: It's important to take the shoulders behind the legs. This helps enormously. When I stretch the legs I imagine that the inner sides of the legs are stretch and stretch and stretch. To engage the bandhas is very helpful here.
Usually I jump my feet in front of my legs, due to leg of room this was not possible in the video. Even more advanced it is to jump directly into the pose. I do not yet try this either.

In order to hook the fingers behind the back, it helps me to bend the knees a bit. It seems to be easier when I can bring my arms closer to the shoulders. A year ago I still used a strap. It should be possible that I can make the steps a bit larger. This part requires a lot of strength in the legs. Afterwards I usually take a few extra breaths!!!
I have to find out how the breathing goes.

This pose is rather the balancing pose. It developed in the last year, too. When I hold it for 3 breaths I have usually enough. My efforts today shall be to hold this pose for 5 breaths.

Yes, work in progress, but what I see is already nice.
No, I wouldn't have invented this pose. Our old yogis were really inventive and a bit crazy.

Today is the last Mysore class of this week. I will practice second series. Wow, how I love it.

Tips and comments are always welcomed.

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PS: Lately I was asked re full vinyasa. At the end the arms don't lift. They lift again when starting again with the next pose.


lilasvb said...

titibasana is so hard!!!

Ursula said...

Yes, it is. Hahahaha. But don't tell anybody.....:)

Simplicity said...

Beautiful... really...

Ursula said...

Thank you....:)

Szilkov said...


Ursula said...

Thank you...:)

Shanna said...

Ursala, My shoulders hate these series of postures. My right shoulder to be exact. It keeps me from being able to straighten my legs because the pressure is too much. I can bind and walk and all that stuff. Just if I try to straighten the legs all the way, it bothers my right shoulder. Anybody have an suggestions?

Ursula said...

Hi Shanna,
You know I watch my videos also for learning tools. I realized that my shoulders fall together. And I think this is not as it is supposed to be. It's a weakness. The chest must remain open.

I think the legs must spread more, or be higher on the shoulders.
I will observe especially the shoulders the next time.

Let's see what we found out. Perhaps someone has an answer.

Cordially greetings. Ursula

denise said...

incredible asana! it looks very hard, even if you do it with a lot of grace.

Karen said...

Shanna, I had a lot of pain in my shoulders when I started doing these poses. Persistent daily practice is the cure. Back off if the pain is great, but keep at it. It really is as simple as that.

Ursula said...

Especially the walking requires a lot of strength. This is a crazy pose. I start liking it.....:)