Thursday, December 09, 2010

A slight difference

It was surely M who gave me the idea: When bending forward it can make sense to bind the hands closer to the toes and not close to the floor. Legs are engaged, this helps to keep the stretched foot in the correct position. The stretched foot shall not move outwards, the sole of the foot is supposed to be parallel to the wall. When the hands bind a bit higher it's even easier to keep the foot in this position. The shoulders move backwards, the elbows upwards. When doing this, the chest can remain open. Test it, the forward bending poses feel different that way, they feel better.

Yeah and after baddha konasana I gave up. I didn't like my pictures that I took today and was not patient enough to take them  again and again. I had enough.
It's so much more difficult to stay focused when alone. I'm so thankful that I have these Mysore classes 3 times a week and that we become more and more aspirants every month.
Nevertheless this practice today counts as a practice.

To remain relaxed is a challenge, too.
Not to get frustrated, is sometimes difficult. So many years I practice to jump forward trying not to touch the floor with the feet. And they touch the floor each time I jump (or float), it's so predictable like the Amen in the church. (Fuck it!)
Lately I read that sometimes we feel a stagnation in our practice, but this needn't to be stagnation in general. Simply going on, is it.
I'm looking forward to the Mysore class tomorrow morning. YES!

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Quentin said...

yes, ashtanga can be frustrating. it is like computer virus unleashed upon the unsuspecting world, from India, to US to Europe and all over the world. But frustration is life struggle that we can experience and let go.

Ursula said...

Haha, yes, to write it down is for me a tool to let go. Feelings of frustrations melt like the snow in the sun as soon as the feelings become words.

I wrote this today, because I think this IS part of the practice, all these different feelings: ups and downs everywhere also on the mat.

Simplicity said...

My experience is that bending forward is alla about the bandhas and relaxation... as always...

Just pull in your abdomen for more space for the stomach (udyana bandha, does it spell so?)and lift mula bandha and lengthen the spine forward.

Breathe your way forward and try to relax for a while in the pose...

Ursula said...

You are very right, Simplicity. Exactly so is it!!!! Bandhas are the secret, another one....:)

lilasvb said...

i am quiet ok with bending forward, what is hard for me is torsions and back bending normally, i will say because since i had this back injury i am like a beginner , all is hard
practising alone is so hard, lucky you with mysore classes!

Ursula said...

I realize that we all have different bodies. What is easy for one person is difficult for the other.

Yes, I'm very lucky that I have Mysore classes. Since 1 year I have this most fantastic situation here. Before this year, I practiced mainly alone, too. I know what it means to be a lonesome hero. I send you some energy.

Happy practices....U.