Thursday, December 16, 2010

Only to start requires some additional energy.....

Sometimes only to start is the critical moment. As soon as I've started with almost anything it can develop to something that is fun. It's so with my yoga practice, with other activities, too.

Yesterday I went out again and it's freezing cold here. Icy wind blew the little snow flakes into my face, the only body part that is uncovered. The sidewalks were full of snow, under the snow was ice. I had to walk carefully in order not to fall. This year I wanted to be a bit earlier with my Christmas shopping activities. I also realized that it makes no sense to wait for warmer days. This time we shall have white Christmas.

I found the presents that were still on the list: black pearls for E's mother, another book for E, a red swatch for my mother, a book for my father (not sure if he'll like it).
Each time when I go shopping, I find something for myself: Yesterday I found a dark blue skirt with white spots and a shirt. Perhaps these fancy clothes found me, this can be truee, too? I was not too lazy to put off all my winter clothes, that is my coat, my scarf, a pair of trousers, stockings under the trousers, a pullover, a t-shirt, socks. The fitting room was so small that I scarcely found a place where to put all these clothes. Then I tried it on, this tiny nothing. The skirt is a summer skirt. It was love at first sight. Yes, now I have this one, too.

On my way home I stopped at Sendlinger Tor (see picture) to have a glow wine there. This Christmas market is one of the smaller ones. I prefer those. The hot wine with the spices warmed my hands and my stomach. Then I walked home. At home I put proudly all my hunted objects on my Christmas table. Oh, to pack everything will take some time. I want to use silver paper this year. Everything shall be packed in silver and tied with colorful bows. Only to start will be the moment that needs some more energy........oh, I'm such a lazy bone.......

My yoga schedule for the next two days is clear:
- Today I'll practice primary, full vinyasa with some extra asanas.
- Tomorrow I'll switch on the CD by Sharath.

Christmas presents from amazon can be bought via my blog. Links are on the right side of this blog. Thank you.

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