Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One highlight chased the next one.

Pashasana was possible this morning.
I was able to come up from laghu vajrasana. The head touched the floor and with the next inhaling I came up. Yepeeee. The knees might have been a bit too far apart from each other. Ah, I'm glad that I was able to come up, however.
Mayurasana: I can scarcely believe it, but I could hold this pose for 2 breaths, head and feet were not touching the floor. Wow.

One must give the body an opportunity to show what is possible. A daily practice is so helpful. Only when practicing regularly these peaks can be experienced. A daily practice is the basic work for the awesome practices. My practice was fantastic today.
I was also focused, no breaks off the mat happened.
I practice slowly when I exercise second series. This is so, why not.
Pearls of sweat rolled down my body. Sweating is an important part of the practice. It cleans the body.

I had fruit salad for lunch. I'm so happy about it. I don't need more. I don't want to burden my body with too much weight. With huge steps I return to a healthy life style. Yep.

Time to travel to Hannover.

Picture is taken on our daily walk to the sea.


Claudia said...

What a nice feeling when pasassana happens!, I will try today, yet again... little by little, with patiene, hopefully one day I will get there!

Ursula said...

Of course you'll get there. I still use a book or blanket under my feet as support. This pose needs a slim body or very long arms. You have this and then it will happen soon.
Good luck.

Nells said...

i used to practice yoga a few years back.my mood my body my life was better!i miss it!
kisses from greece

Ursula said...

It's a good time to start again.

Kisses back....:)