Sunday, December 12, 2010

On Sundays my yoga week begins....

A day off feels good. Yesterday I haven't practiced Ashtanga yoga. My body feels relaxed and I'm motivated again (even more motivated, hahaha) to step on my mat today.

To think 'it is possible' is so much better than to think it is not possible. Not everything IS possible. But so much more is possible than we or I think sometimes. What is true for yoga is also true for other areas of life. (This remark was for myself.) To focus the mind on the positive aspects is surely an exercise for the mind.

Sometimes there are weaker forms of limitations. To think that it takes years to learn an asana, i.e. when it in fact can be learned within a week is also a limitation. To be realistic can be difficult sometimes.

Self-talk can be limiting ourselves. It can be good to observe what we say to ourselves.

Often our dear fellow men are not shy to spread limiting opinions about what is possible and what not for themselves and for others. Yesterday I was searching for a strategy how to handle this. It is as if one has to apply advanced sales techniques to convince some people that a more positive view is more fun and means to have a lighter life.
- To say the opposite creates negative tension.
- To present solutions how something could become possible is the beginning of a long discussion. People who see problems, see problems everywhere.
- It's possible to avoid the contact with some people. Sometimes I do this, but it is not always possible.
- To pretend to listen while dreaming of something else is often a strategy of men when they don't want to hear something. I'm not so good at it.

The solution: Finally we can be glad that we are all so different. How lively is this world with all these different views and opinions and thoughts. And all is fiction. Hahahaha, what a cosmic joke. I rediscover this little flower called "humor".

Sometimes it can be even refreshing to read some negativity. When I read these tweets on twitter, I think so. All these positivism, good tips, smart quotes, it drives me crazy sometimes. How relieving it can be to read: It's all crap.

And what is the message of this post: It's all good as it is. Nothing must be changed. To accept what is, is the liberating solution. Being entertained is all we can do. Playing, observing, having fun is it.

Inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling......

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Anna said...

Yes, sometimes the beauty, the 'realness' of negativity... and the nightmare world of compulsory positivity.

lilasvb said...

i do enjoy to read about yoga, feeling a bit alone with my own practise, it gives motivation to read yogablog