Friday, December 10, 2010

On goals

My Ashtanga goals for 2010 are accomplished:
I wanted to exercise first and second series. This is what I do these days.
- I'm sure I would have omitted the 7 headstands when I wouldn't have had a teacher. Times have changed. My practice possibilities are optimum for the time being: 3 times a week Mysore class, 3 times a week I practice alone and sometimes I go to a led class. Wow. This improved my strenght and flexibility. Motivation is great, too. I'm thankful for this situation in my life.
- To write about my Ashtanga practice is another activitiy that supports my yoga practices enormously.

What is worth doing, is worth doing daily, is my conviction.

This is the message of today:
Write about your practice. It helps to stay committed, it supports the learning process and it's fun. To document a practice is also recommended for other sports, like marathon. I have a book in hand "Non-runner's marathon trainer by David A. Whitsettt and others....I bought it once to learn about mental exercises. I will reread this book. For marathoners a log is recommended. To have a log, or a journal, or a blog is top advice when you practice Ashtanga. It needn't to be long or public. Everybody can do it. A pen and a journal is needed or a PC.

My Ashtanga goals for 2011:
- to continue the daily Ashtanga practice
- working on certain poses: Urdhva dhanurasana (coming up), kapotasana (reaching the toes with the fingers), vinyasa (floating forward and backwards without touching the floor)
- to practice pranayama and meditation (10 min) in the evening would be great

Possible Ashtanga goals can be:
- to start with a home practice
- to start a journal/log
- to enhance the learning tools: reading the well-known Ashtanga books, watching YouTube movies
- taking pictures of the own practice
- travelling to Mysore
- going to an Ashtanga workshop
- learning about visualization
- starting a healthy diet

Pictures: Winter time in Munich


Quentin said...

Ursula, you mention going to Mysore AYRI as goal for one considering next year. Please advise cost, fees, where to stay and meals, local transportation, type visa required, how to get there from the airport and what to do on days off from Ashtanga Yoga daily practice. Is it mandatory minimum 30 days? Does one have choice of yoga upstairs or downstairs with Sariswwati or Sherath?

Krishna said...

As I have only recently started mya shtanga practice ,I am maintaining my own journal of my ashtanga practice both online and offline . This will help me check my own progress with regard to my ashtanga practice .

lilasvb said...

doing a yoga journal is such a good idear, if i can find more time, i will do this!

Ursula said...

A journal can be very simply. To jot down some key notes can be enough.