Friday, December 24, 2010

Healthy Christmas.....

I was practicing yoga and had just finished the standing asanas, when it was lunch time. At exactly 12 o'clock lunch was ready. My father asked me how long it will take till I would have finished yoga.
Me: Oh, this takes still 45 min minimum.
He: We cannot wait so long, you must interrupt it.
Me: I won't eat lunch, I want to be hungry for dinner.
I went on with my practice, while my mother brought the meals from the kitchen. My father got a vegetable soup. E and my mother ate white sausages with mustard, my E had a dark beer to it.

My father:
You are addicted to yoga.
When you are in Hawaii most important is yoga.
When you are in Russia most important is yoga.
When you are in France most important is yoga.
When you are in Brazil  most important is yoga.
When you are in India most important is yoga.
When you are in Italy most important is yoga.
Me: Have you ever practiced yoga in Hawaii? This is most beautiful.

He: When we don't know where you are, you are at the yoga place.

He: Some people do yoga to stay beautifully, some people get beauty surgeries, some get piercings for themselves.
Me: And what is the best?
Me: Now I know what I get you for Christmas next time: A piercing.
He: No, I don't need this.

He: You used to say you are like your grandma, but your grandma would have never ever practiced yoga.

In the meantime I practiced garbha pindasana. E saw how my hands held my face and how my arms went through my legs which were in lotus pose. He laughed. (As if he has not yet seen this pose.) He pointed at me: "Look, look." My father and my mother turned their heads toward me and laughed, too. (Me thinking: very good, belly muscles are used when laughing).

My father: This is not healthy anymore what you do.
Me: Papa, you are not a role model for me regarding health. (He is above 80, but has problems to touch his toes.)
He: My spine wouldn't have been better when I practiced yoga.
Me: Yoga is all about the spine.

Me to my bf: There was a message behind the message that my mother always cooks for 2 more people who might come surprisingly. It's always too much. Not everything must be eaten.

I went on with my practice. Btw it was an excellent one. Wow was I bendy.
Ha, and I managed it somehow to omit one meal.

The shower was great afterwards because the cold water here is really cold. What a pleasure to feel the cold water on the skin after the hot water.
I wanted to stroll around with E. He came to me with a smile on his face, kissed me on my mouth and said: "It's raining outside." Me: Then we postpone our strolling around, it will surely stop raining later."

My yoga time, my time on my mat is over. I'm so happy that I practiced.
Now I'm theirs. Shall they do with me what they want. Hahaha.
Enjoy your yoga practice, my fellow yogis and yoginis. Wink, wink.

Healthy Christmas.


OldBoy said...

Merry Christmas :)

lilasvb said...

i did practise this morning, early like usual, if the house is busy i can't practise so i prefer practise very early morning
now it is time for enjoy, food, champagne, sweets with family's and friend
bye bye yoga, see you on sunday

Ursula said...

Merry Christmas OldBoy...:)

Ursula said...

Yeah, morning practices are the best....

Me too, I give myself all of the good stuff now: cookies, wine, Sauerkraut, potatoes and again cookies.....hahahaha.

Flo said...

Merry Christmas!

Ursula said...

Merry Christmas, Flo!

Arturo said...

Dear Ursula
Wonderful post. Happy Holidays. Your father is a hoot. Keep practicing. I know if I don't, I get C R A Z Y (and I don't want to use capitals but it's true.)

Ursula said...

Thanks Arturo for the support. I need my practice, too. It IS good. I mean really, what is bad when practicing yoga? It has only advantages.