Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Learning by watching the DVD by Sharath

I watched again the DVD by Sharath this evening. He performs primary on that DVD.

° I was reminded what makes Ashtanga so special: It's the flow. It's moving from asana to vinyasaa to asana to vinyasa, without interruption. The perfect execution of the asanas comes second, so it seems.

° To watch Sharath jumping forward and backward between the asanas is a joy. These vinyasas will be a focus during my next practice. It must be easier to learn the movement in water, I thought, and tried it in the bath tub. Unfortunately my bath tub is not big enough.

° It's always possible to add some challenges to the asanas:
- For instance it can be a challenge to fold the legs to padmasana when practicing urdhva padmasana without using the hands.
- It's another challenge to take the hands to the face without the help of the other hand when practicing garbha pindasana.

° Sirsasana: Those who want strict rules are lost. Slight variations of the series exist. In the DVD Sharath practices 3 different versions of sirsasana.
- First the classic one, see first link.
- Then he took his legs to 90°, which is called urdhva dandasana.
- The third version was again with legs pointing to the ceiling, but the head was in the air. It's a good balancing pose and very relaxing for the neck. I'll try this the next time.

° Most difficult pose was supta kurmasana, for sure: I was curious how he crossed the legs and when. He crossed the legs while sitting. And this is very advanced and difficult. If the legs are not really long, like in my case, this is the way to perform this asanas. There is still some work to do.......

I'm very inspired.
But today second series is on the schedule. I'll go to a Mysore class. Oh.


Robyn said...

Just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it immensely - I am away from my usual teachers and only doing home practice so it is helpful to have your daily commentary - thank you for sharing all your thoughts!

Where did you find your DVD of Sarnath? I searched and searched yesterday online but came up empty handed.

Also, when doing a full vinyasa after, say, janu sirsasana A, does it go like this: hands to mat, inhale to lift and jump back, chatturanga, UD, DD, jump forward to stand, lengthen back, fold, arms up (gaze at thumbs), samastitihi, then back through those moves to sit again? Each side or just between asana?

Thanks so much!!

Claudia said...

Watching him do the jump through, yes, he is so light!

Ursula said...

I'm a fan of his DVD. Even more I like his CD. The only one that I used so far. :)