Monday, December 20, 2010

Last week.....

It was a joy to observe the children, the young ones and the older ones, to move on the ice. Downtown is this ice rink. The body likes to be moved. The body needs to be moved. And I will move my body, too, today. Yesterday I watched others while sipping one of these glow wines. Today and on Wednesday are the last Mysore classes for this year. The countdown of this year 2010 has started.

Yesterday I did some brainstorming about possible topics next year:
- Vinyasas: it's much more than jumping forward and backward.
- Pranayama: it's also more than inhaling and exhaling
- The mind, the mind, the easily-distracted mind:
- Anatomy: I want to know exactly what I stretch.......
- Advaita: perhaps a bit courageous to touch this philosophy.
- Asanas of course, asanas, asanas.
- Yoga of the mat.

Focus of my practice today: I want that it looks easy.....hahahaha. My weight tells me it will be not easy today.......(48 kg and this just before Christmas......)

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