Friday, December 31, 2010

The last day of 2010 has come.....

The last day of 2010 has come.
I'm so happy to be at home on that last day of the year.
I got up early (at 6am) and prepared a strong cup of black coffee for myself.

I have plans for this last day:
- I have to do grocery shopping. I will prepare some Arabic food for my E and myself this evening: It will be Couscous and a salad and a dessert (?, perhaps fried banana). Finally we'll have some Champagne at midnight (I hope I'll get a Veuve Cliquot round the corner, my favourite one. Yes, I like the old widow, even though a wine dealer once said to me: You don't drink the old widow, do you???????).
My poor E is ill, he's got a cold and suffers a lot. I must care for him and console him. "I'm going to die," he said to me. I'm very glad that this is not true, I must cheer him up a bit. I'm good at this, he likes to be pampered with tea.
- Primary is on the schedule. Of course I want to practice yoga today.
- In the afternoon I'll watch a movie with a friend: It's a ballet: La Danse.
The evening is for E.

I wish you, who is reading this, a most wonderful evening.
Thank you very much for reading my blog.


lilasvb said...

happy new year to you! enjoy your practise

Ursula said...

Thank you and yes, happy new year, to you.

Swami said...

Wish you a happy and prosperous new year .

Ursula said...

Thank you Swami,
I wish you a wonderful new year, too.


Debb said...

I, too, wish you a very Happy New Year Ursula. I hope it is full of wonderful inspired blogging (I'm selfish here as I need your cyber yoga mentoring).. Healing to E too..
My husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas (but, BAD boy, he didn't go through your blog site!) I will be purchasing e books this year through it though. You give purpose to my spending (wink)

Ursula said...

Happy New Year Debra,
yeah, be sure a lot of posts will come. I just saw a wonderful movie on the Paris ballet. I've so many many post ideas. Stay tuned.

Hahahaha, I'm glad you've a kindle.
Have a great evening. Time to cook.
Wishes to E are forwarded.

xoxo Ursula

Alice said...

Happy New Year, Ursula, and all!

I sympathise with E. I too have been so poorly all through Xmas. I still think I may die!!

Keep well. My best wishes to you, and my thanks.


Ursula said...

Happy new year, Alice and get well soon.
Enjoy the evening and a good start.