Friday, December 17, 2010

Jumping through, an exercise

M showed this exercise to a yogini in a Mysore class lately.

My jumping backwards especially needs some attention, too. I watched carefully.

It is said that inner strength, bandhas are needed. For sure. So I try to remember them in each asana.
So far I manage it to bring the crossed legs through my arms, without touching the floor (not always, but sometimes I can do this). But how to bring the legs back to a stretched position. I was told that one has to bring the head close to the floor. This means to bend the arms and this is my difficulty. 

This exercise helps. It's amazing. I try everything. Each new exercise refines the body feeling. It helps me to get to know my muscles separately.  

Try it, I'm curious how you find it?????

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Simplicity said...

I believe that one can establish pathways in the brain by performing the movements as authentic as possible even if it is not quite perfect. The body learns the movement before you're able to perform it.

And then it's always the bandas...

BTW... a question...
When will one usually be ready to start with the second series asanas? What's your opinion?

Have a nice weekend!

Ann said...

Wow! That looks like a great exercise! I must get some blocks and try it. Thank you for passing it along.

Anonymous said...

THAT is so awesome. Thanks for posting this.

acharya said...

I saw your video and there is some inprovement needs to be done if you regularly practice these yogic exercises. You can get in touch with one of our yoga mudras expert at or can email at

Ursula said...

Good morning simplicity,

My opinion: when you want to practice second series, you are ready.
This is not the official rule.

Nowadays many teacher want you to come up from urdhva dhanurasana before they teach you the first asana of second series. In India I was taught pashasana even though I couldn't drop back.
In earlier times they started with second series very very quickly. This has changed, more rules were required in order to handle the masses of yoginis and yogis.
Swensons opinion: when you are able to practice primary without looking into a book and without taking breaks you are ready.

I think I started second series too late. Primary is too much forward bending. Primary alone is not a balanced practice (my humble opinion).

Ursula said...

I'm glad that you all like this exercise. I had at once the feeling it's helpful and I think it is.

Oh, yes, I'm convinced that visualization helps a lot.

Have fun with your practice.

Quentin said...

Thanks for reminding us of this exercise. I have done this before but without the towel. yesterday I went to yoga studio early and practiced as shown in the video, also I tried wearing socks and kept the feet warm while the heating system warmed the studio, especially the cold wooden floor. David Swenson begins with Primary at his workshops and usually goes into the second series by the third class, basically introducing several of the Intermediate Series poses.

Ursula said...

I love to hear that you practiced this exercise, too.

Thanks also for your info about Swensons teachings.