Sunday, December 05, 2010

Instant relaxation

Yoga feels good, for sure. When my body is in an asana it's a good feeling. Even the stretching discomfort is a pleasant feeling for me. Really relaxed I'm at the end of an exhausting practice. When I'm finally in savasana in a state between being awake and sleeping, when my body and my mind do not move much anymore, then, yes, then I feel relaxed.

Yoga is a tool to enhance life, Swenson said in the book on Guruji.
Yoga can indeed be also a tool to learn how to relax.

- This feeling of relaxation happens when the body is free of pain, strong and flexible.
- This feeling of relaxation happens when the mind is able to focus on the breath (and not wandering around discussing the daily sorrows.)
- Breathing deeply is also a technique that helps to stay relaxed during daily life and how to breath deeply can be learned in yoga sessions, too.

Instant relaxed I am when I go to a sauna or when I take a bath.
Change of activities can be relaxing. Some mothers told me that they relax at work from the efforts at home and the other way round.
All the sports activities with a partner bring in my opinion faster relaxation than yoga. When I practiced Aikido I had to be present, otherwise I was beaten. It made me forget everything, I was focused to apply a technique to avoid the hit. Being present usually is felt as relaxation.

Reading a book can be relaxing. Watching a movie can be relaxing.

Unhealthy relaxation techniques are sometimes much fun, too:
Taking drugs i.e and each society has legal drugs.

This late afternoon, I'll go to a led class. I will have to go through an exhausting practice before I feel relaxed. The more exhausting I practice, the more relaxed I'll feel at the end. During the years I've learned to practice to my limits. This is not possible in the beginning, I think. This is why yoga becomes more and more a tool for relaxation the longer a yogi/yogini practices.

My instant unhealthy relaxation techniques:
Pralinés and red wine. Having too much food.
My instant healthy relaxation activities:
A hot bath, sauna, strolling around, shopping, cooking something.....

Relaxation shall be my focus during the led class this afternoon:
- Consciously I will engage my muscles, but the face I will relax.
- To think 'take it easy' and  'have fun' shall be the other relaxation technique.

I personally don't practice yoga to learn how to relax in general. It's for me a welcomed side effect to learn relaxation techniques. Mainly I want to exercise the body and the mind, when I practice yoga. The body shall be strong and flexible, the mind focused and calm. It's for my health.

It's nice that yoga has this reputation to be relaxing. It often makes me smile. When I observe yoginis in a Mysore class the idea that this is relaxing is far away.

Relaxation: It's an interesting topic. A good party question.

What relaxes you?


Anonymous said...

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lilasvb said...

nice to visit your blog, i am practising yoga alone and i love to read about others

holbrookben said...

Would you care to help me out by completing a survey for school?
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Please and thanks

Ursula said...

The Ashtanga-blogger community is unique. I enjoy this community very much.
Especially during times that forced me to practice alone such a group can be very helpful and motivating.

Happy practices.