Sunday, December 26, 2010

In the north of Germany....

We arrived in the north of Germany. It was necessary to take the train. Surprisingly all three trains were rather empty, we always got a seat. There is even more snow in the north.
Now we get pampered  from E's mother and E is happy to be here.

I managed it to step on my mat to practice primary. It was still before lunch but too late for an entire practice. I came till baddha konasana. Tomorrow I'll get up earlier. No back bending happened today. Nevertheless I'll practice second series tomorrow. I won't have a wall for pincha mayurasana. This serves not as an excuse not to practice. The wind comes from different directions. Excuses can always be found for a creative mind (solutions, too). Obstacles are always there. Who and what shall stop me to give my body and mind the daily love that it needs?

To travel means to get out of the comfort zone. One has to adjust to new situations. It keeps the mind lively.

Winter has beauty. I've convinced E to go out a bit, to stroll around. I love to move.

Picture: The airport in the garden of my parents.


Frenzy36 said...

I've always enjoyed far northern Germany, the area around Molln or even the far north, Flensburg. And actually the times I've spent there were always in January or February.


Quentin said...

Thanks for the daily motivation.

I managed the Primary Series, too; making it to Navasana instead and then the final 3 finishing poses, short savasana. The practice emmphasis will be an obsession on the jump throughs for each asana of Primary Series. Maybe tomorrow I will add eight more poses of the series. I have time before leading the Ashtanga Yoga for Life class at Shanti Yoga and Counseling.

No snow here, but the wind blows and it is near freezing outside.

Ursula said...

It's my pleasure Quentin...:)

Ursula said...

Germany has many different landscapes. I've never been to Flensburg. January and February are the coldest months, but some don't care.

Greetings from the area around Hannover.