Monday, December 06, 2010

I'm a dancer, not a choreograph.

I'm a dancer not a choreograph, even though I know the basic rules how to create a yoga session for myself:
- First comes a warm-up. In Ashtanga yoga this is the surya namaskaras.
- After a deep forward bending asana comes a lighter back bending asanas and the other way round. In Ashtanga yoga we have the vinyasas for this.
- Twists neutralize. In second series are twists between the deep back bending and deep forward bending asanas.

I'm happy with the 4 Ashtanga series. I don't want and need anything else.
Today's topic came up as we discussed lately details of the series. How  are the rules exactly was the topic behind the questions re details of the practice:
- How many suryas shall I practice?
- How many paschimottanasana shall I practice?
- How long shall I remain in an asana, 5 breaths or 8 breaths like in former times?
- Why practice the yoginis half vinyasa nowadays? What shall I do?

I think there is a bit of a tolerance, that does not mean that the series are changed.

The question "why " is allowed here. It shows the way.

- The surya namaskara warm the body up and build up strength. If you feel still cold after 10 surya namaskaras feel free to add some more.
- If forward bending needs to develop, feel free to do 4 paschimottanasanas, like it was practiced a few years ago.
- To stay longer in an asana allows usually to go deeper. Upavishta konasana is in my case such an asana. I hold it for 8 breaths because my chin is not yet on the floor and I want that this pose improves. I also allow myself to repeat asanas.
- I heard that full vinyasa was given up, because too many yoginis travelled to Mysore. To make the students practice half vinyasa was an attempt to shorten the practice. In the Yoga Mala by P. Jois full vinyasa are described!!! I practice full vinyasa. I want to add, I practice full vinyasa since I understood the development and since I'm so strong enough so that I can do it. Before my trip to Mysore I wasn't able to do vinyasas between sides. I was simply too weak. I got strong in Mysore. Now I'm able to do full vinyasas.

The question "why" can help to make a decision. To follow a rule only because it's a rule, doesn't make so much sense to me. I don't feel like a choreograph when I adjust my practice to my needs and when I try to understand why something is done. I perform a perfect given chain of asanas linked by vinyasas. I do not create something new, but I practice with understanding.  I'm a dancer.

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lilasvb said...

i am a choreographer in real life, i mean not with yoga but contemporay dance, yoga , for me, is personnal i enjoyed reading your post, for now, after back injury my practise is slow still building for go back to full serie
going to mysore is so helpfull for practise after alone

Ursula said...

Very interesting.
Get well soon, back injuries are series, I think.

I enjoy the energy of a group so much. I'm so much better, more focused than when I practice alone.
Happy practices.