Thursday, December 23, 2010

I preach it....

...and when I follow my own advice, it's great. Despite the time pressure I stepped on my mat. I had 45 min, I used them for an intensive primary. Some asanas I had to omit, but how better do I feel now. Even if I had only practiced sun salutations, it would have been better than not to have practiced at all.

Still 90 min and we'll be on the road again to my parents. My suitcase is not yet packed, but my taxes are done and mailed. Ah, I postponed this duty 8 months. To begin needed the most energy. It took longer as I thought, this is so with tax declarations. But now it's done. To start with anything is the crucial point.....

I make some resolutions for the Christmas days:
- It's good to start with a big breakfast with home made jam.
- One warm lunch has to be. Who wants to starve?
- I'm so glad that enough cookies are everywhere, the gap between lunch and dinner would be too big without anything between the teeth.
- Dinner is an important meal when the family is together, this is not so often. I will show that I like the meal and I will eat double as much as usual.
- Yes and at night I'll eat Mon Chérie while watching TV. A glow wine at the end wouldn't be so bad.

Oh, time flies, I'm in a hurry. I must pack my suitcase........


Robyn said...

Best wishes to you during this holiday season! May I thank you again for the recommendation of Sarnath's DVD....just did my first practice with him yesterday and it was wonderful. Just enough.

Happy new year and thanks for preaching it!

Ursula said...

Thank you and have wonderful days......Yeah the CD is perfect, I'm happy that you like it...:)

Anonymous said...


A Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you! Your blog is such an important part of my ashtanga yoga journey. I hope you feel my energy of appreciation across our precious earth..


Ursula said...

Dearest Debb,
Yes I know and thank you for being in my life.

Sitting already on the sofa....

Cordially greetings to you.
Oh, yes, happy Christmas, Merry New Year.....