Thursday, December 02, 2010

How many surya namaskara A and B shall I practice?

This post is for Tui:

1. As long as someone does not practice all the asanas of the primary series it is recommended to practice 5 surya namaskara A and 5 surya namaskara B. The reason: it is important to get strong.
2. When all the asanas of the primary series are practiced, only 5 surya namaskara A and 3 surya namaskara B are practiced. Often I practice with the CD by Sharath (the grandson of P. Jois). It's exactly how I wrote, he counts me through 5 surya namaskara A and 3 surya namaskara B.

3. Feel free to do what is good for you. Perhaps you feel cold during winter time. In order to warm up, it can make sense to practice more surya namaskaras. After a long break a yogini might be weak and he/she might not be able to do all the 8 suryas, then it is recommended to work on adding again one by one.
4. Sometimes there might be only time for surya namaskaras. Then that's it. Do as much as you like, it's a great warm up and it stretches the body as well.

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Shanna said...

I love this. I will share it with my readers.


Ursula said...

Thank you.

Have strong and flexible practices.

To improve the surya namaskaras never ends. They are exciting movements. :) Have fun.

Quentin said...

I have done for charity 108 Surya Namaskara C, making 108 dollars for the charity, one dollar for each SS.

In the USA, For doing full Primary Series we do 5x SS-A, and 5X SS-B.

For doing short forms Ashtanga we do 5X SS-A, 3 SS-B.

On days of not feeling well, in the west we do 3 SS-A, 3-SS-B and the final 3 finishing poses.

These are recommended by D Williams and David Swenson.

By the way David Williams has come out hot off the press, the Full Ashtanga Yoga syllabus as he learned from P Jois, Manju and his brother from 1973-1978. I believe it is 4 ft by 3 ft with protective coating. I posted on facebook the information, if you are interested, Ursula.

Tui said...

Vielen Dank Ursula - much appreciated

Ursula said...

You are so committed Quentin, it's great. Yeah, once I did 108 sun salutations, too. Afterwards my upper side of my feet were bloody. Ha.

Of course!!! I'm interested in the book by Williams.......of course.
Let's connect on fb... :)

Ursula said...

You're very welcome Tui, I love to get comments and questions.

Happy day. U.