Saturday, December 11, 2010

For Quentin: on travelling to Mysore as a goal for 2011

Thank you for your comment Quentin:
Ursula, you mention going to Mysore AYRI as goal for one considering next year. Please advise cost, fees, where to stay and meals, local transportation, type visa required, how to get there from the airport and what to do on days off from Ashtanga Yoga daily practice. Is it mandatory minimum 30 days? Does one have choice of yoga upstairs or downstairs with Sariswwati or Sherath?

Here are my answers:
To travel to Mysore can be a possible goal. You don't have to go to Mysore. There are many many other exciting goals, i.e. exciting workshops are offered everywhere. It's important that YOU have this goal. I simply wrote down some ideas.

Where to stay?
This depends on your budget. There are 5 star hotels in Mysore and more modest places (like everywhere). I wrote an email to a member of the Ashtanga yahoo group lately. He had almost the same question, he was looking for a modest stay. I'll forward you this email, once you have your ticket.

Hundreds of yogis and yoginis travel to Mysore every year. They are all fed well. Anu's internet cafe where many yogis and yoginis eat was even mentioned in the New York Times as a "best place". You won't starve. You can search my blog for further healthy restaurants. I was in Mysore in 2008 (August/September). Restaurant visits are affordable. You can eat for 2 Euro per meal.

Local transportation:
Rikshas are everywhere......

To get from the airport to Mysore:
Ganesh (the husband of Anu) is THE man for this. He organizes in a most professional way these shuttles. You'll arrive at Bangalore, you'll pick up your luggage. When you'll leave the security area in the airport an Indian man will waiting there for you with a sign with huge letters on it: QUENTIN. And then you will smile. Yes. It will give you trust and 5 hours later you will arrive safely at your hotel of your choice. Ganesh is connected with me via facebook. You'll find him.

Of course you need a Visa. Please find this out by yourself.

Is it mandatory minimum 30 days?
I know a man who practiced in the shala for only 14 days. He loved it and he had not more time. I wouldn't recommend it. I stayed about 2 months. 1 month is absolute minimum I think, if you want that your practice develops. You also have to get used to India......

What to do on days off?
You won't be bored. You meet yogis/yoginis everywhere. Go to the coconut stand round the corner of the shala, have a coconut drink there and start talking to the yogis/yoginis. You can complain, you can share your joy and you can spread your messages there.
Have a book in your suitcase.
Make some trips in the surroundings.
Discover Mysore.....

Dear Quentin, I'm not so sure if travelling to India, Gokulam (the shala is in fact in Gokulam and not Mysore) is a good goal idea for you. You cannot organize your trip 100%, you must also trust that everything will turn out well. The clocks go differently in India. India is not for everybody.

You must want it baby, you must want to travel to India. It must become YOUR wish, YOUR goal, YOUR desire. You must burn for it.
My feeling (I can be wrong) it's better for you to go to a workshop in the US. You can also go to a workshop to Sharath. He is travelling a lot. More important than anything else is your daily practice. Enjoy.

Picture: Winter in Germany.

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Quentin said...

Ursula, thanks. I have burning desire, but spouse is not agreeable. Maybe in time or another life, I can go. I will explore more with your suggestions. When we vacation I go to yoga teacher daily class, early in the morning. The rest of day is with wife. She relaxes sleeping late on vacation and I get up early for the yoga class. I enjoy getting away from teaching yoga and experiencing yoga going deeper, not talking just listening to the breath. I have gone to workshops in Ashtanga, but not Sherath, Manju or Sariswati; for they do not come here often and usually the location is too far away. I think my wife would love Ireland and/or Germany.

Sweetness said...

I leave for India in just a few days. I am so sad I'm not going to practice so much in Mysore this year. I will mostly be in Goa with Rolf and Marci... this will be very good for me.
You are right about India not being for everyone. It's a very difficult place to get used to. But, once you do it is in your blood and you will always have a special place for India in your heart.

Ursula said...

There are always obstacles, I know. Sometimes it might be the money, sometimes time, sometimes people we like. I'm glad that my bf supports me, my parents feared I'd die when travelling to India. Who shall stop me???? But we are all different and in different life situations. I cannot give advice.
Come to Germany with your wife. 99%of the Americans love Munich. We have an excellent Mysore teacher here and Mysore classes 3 days a week.

Years I read blogs and I read that people went to Mysore. I always thought that is nothing for me, because of time and money. One day I lost my job, my bf had to work and I went. I couldn't believe it myself that this happened. Till now I scarcly believe it.

Who knows how life goes.
The daily practice is the most important practice, I'm convinced.

Good luck to you.

Ursula said...

Oh sweetness, how wonderful that you can travel to India. :)

My experience is the same: Either people like India or they don't like it. I love India.

Yogadawg said...

Awesome blog.


Ursula said...

Thank you, Yogadawg!