Monday, December 13, 2010

Extremes attract

An Ashtanga yoga practice combines so many extremes:

- The leg muscles and bandhas are engaged, but the face is relaxed.
- Especially when practicing the standing poses the feet are grounded but a hand is pointing to the ceiling or the wall. To emphasize these extremes improves the practice. To stem the feet against the floor makes the difference. Upper body part is relaxed.
- In the beginning of a practice I'm often stiff at the end I'm flexible.
- There is movement (vinyasa) and there is remaining calmly in a pose.
- We bend forward in paschimottanasana, but the back and the legs are straight.
- In the beginning I sometimes have to convince me to start, when it's over, I'm glad.

I'm sure there can be found even more extremes. To focus on these extremes can be an exercise. Enjoy.

My practice this morning was hard, oh was I glad when it was over.
Karandavasana: I was shown an additional exercise today to approach this pose. I try now to bring my legs that are folded in padmasana a bit up to my upper arms, while the forearms are on the floor. My tip: Use your bandhas. This exercise requires really strong bandhas.

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