Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Everything is temporarily.....

Seems as if I start working again, already in the first week in January. It's a mini job, I don't care. Money must flow back to me. And I don't want to work 8 hours a day. I'm sure this job will discipline me again to work more seriously on my book projects and the other projects that are in my mind.

I returned from the interview and I had another job offer on my table (a very interesting one). I'm curious how this will develop. Seems as if  "someone" wants me to have money for my Indian trip. Whatever. It's good to be busy. These jobs are all temporarily, what I appreciate. Also life is limited, yes, yes, yes, but I won't become philosophical here, only practical. To get paid by hour is a dead end road. However money comes back, ahhhhhh it's good to have it. I can go on working on having  passive income. This is my dream, doing what I like and becoming rich while lying in bed.
Main feeling: I'm glad that something is happening. This IS excellent. I feel the energy. It keeps me busy. I'm also recovered from my last job, I can scarcely remember. Action now, action. New challenges and new life is waiting for me.

Yoga needs a lot of time. I want to have my daily dose of Ashtanga yoga. I want to have time enough for either primary or second series, no abbreviations here. But sometimes I feel like a sannyasin because I do only yoga. I must write down this critical remark: I wish I'd feel refreshed after my practices, but this is not so. I feel excellent, for sure, but I feel also hungry, I want to take a nap or a bath. I give in and nap and bath and then it's already late in the afternoon before I can start with anything else.
- Often I waste time. It takes too much time to step on the mat when practicing at home. Hours are sometimes wasted. I must find a way to eliminate this dawdling.
- Within 2 hours each practice must be finished. No breaks off the mat during a practice.
- When I get up at 6am and Mysore classes are at 9am, I must use 1 hour for prolific work.
Possibilities for improvements can be seen. Shall they happen. Hahahaha.

Yeah, I'm working hard on a schedule that allows a lot of fun and exercise. But there is more in life than taking my legs behind the head, there is more that must be done and enjoyed.

Today I didn't practice, all the other duties had to be done. Chores had to be done, too. I'm satisfied now that I could cross out some items on my list. It remains my own tax declaration.

Time to read another chapter in the book by Timothy Ferriss "The 4-hour workweek". Yep.
It's so nice to dream........
Life goes on in many areas without me doing anything. This is the most important sentence of this post!

Picture: Munich, Nymphenburg in winter.


Quentin said...

Today is Ashtanga Moon Day. Enjoy time off.

Ursula said...

Thank you for reminding me. Then everything is as it is supposed to be....:)

Claudia said...

Good luck on the new venture next week!, by the way, I LOVE that book, the four hour workweek, I listened to it on tape, read it, re-read it, what a wonderful concept right?

Ursula said...

I like is writing style AND the contents....:)

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