Sunday, December 26, 2010

Enough Christmas....

Christmas Eve is over and the high days and holidays are over, too. I'm glad. Too much food was offered as every year, too less self-discipline was exercised as every year. It's time to get back to healthy routines that feel so much better.  I want to eat tomatoes and carrots again.

I went through the days with a "let-it-be" attitude. It shall be so. Accept what is. Enough was accepted. Hahahaha. I was easy-going.

Tomorrow I'll get up early (after 7 hours of sleep). There is a banana in the kitchen, this shall be my breakfast. Then I'll practice second series (it will be hard). E has still a few days off and we'll travel to Hannover in the afternoon. I love this trip to that city, we do it every year. I also love to spend time with E. On Wednesday we'll travel back to Munich in stages, a stop will be at my parents home again. On Thursday we'll be back in Munich with the car that is parked at my parents home. Finally I'll be back in my beloved little villa motley.

Thankfully I'll fall on my knees:
It's over. I survived.


Brian Sylvester said...


A lovely post and a lovely blog. I look forward to following your journey. A very joyous holiday season to you! Greetings from Boston, MA!

Take care,

Ursula said...

Thank you for reading.
It's wonderful to meet people via my blog around the globe.

Have a great time, greetings from the very cold north of Germany. Brrrrhhhh.

Take care

lilasvb said...

very hard to get back to practise after the full days of food

Ursula said...

Yeah, I'm glad that I didn't stop practicing. Nevertheless, yes the extra kilo doesn't make it easier.

Happy practices....:)