Thursday, December 02, 2010


On the picture I practiced a twist, ardha matsyendrasana. The topic today is drishti. I know that I have neglected this part of the Ashtanga yoga practice. The eyes remain calm, it's also important in which direction we have to look. On the pic I look downwards, which is not the correct dirshti.
Dirsthi for ardha matsyendrasana is the side.
To look in this direction helps to stretch. To look down shows me that I still struggle with this asana.

To practice the asanas with the correct dristhi is a concentration exercise.

- It needs all my concentration i.e. to do upward facing dog and not to look upwards but to the third eye. In most back bending asanas drishti is not upwards but the third eye!!!
- It needs all my concentration to look forward in ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana and not frowning.

A tip: study the drishtis. It's part of Ashtanga yoga.

I love to look around in classes sometimes (NOT ALWAYS). The practices of my fellow yoginis inspire me a lot. It gives me ideas for my blog.

Never look in the direction you don't want to go..........:)

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Tui said...

Yes, so much to think about when practicing Ashtanga yoga - engage the legs, ujjayi breathing, bandas, and drishti. The first three I am working on - more study required for the fourth. Ursula would you mind sharing your knowledge once again? My question is: What is the correct amount of Suryanamaskara A and B before beginning the standing asanas? I have 3 conflicting reports - 5A + 5B, 5A + 3B, and 3A + 2B. Many thanks. Hope it's not to cold up north!

C.K. said...

Dear Ursula,

The correct dristi in most backbending poses is the nose. Check Yoga Mala and Lino's book.

Om Shanti,

Ursula said...

Dear CK (wink),
Thank you very much for giving me this info. Perhaps it's good advice to use Lino's book.

I think they worked very profoundly on it.

Om Shanti