Monday, December 27, 2010


I'm content, because I practiced. I had time for all the asanas of the second series. And my yoga practice even happened before lunch.
Pashasana was more than difficult.  I don't care, that's how it is after these Christmas days where having big meals is a main contents.
I love the asanas of the second series. Back bending feels better and better the more flexible I become. I didn't omit urdhva dhanursana. To stand up from the pose is still a vision.

It's cold here, but I'll convince E how good it is to walk to the sea with me. It's beautiful there, see picture. The trip to Hannover is postponed till tomorrow. We really have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow.

Life is calm between Christmas and New Years Eve.

Inhaling, pause, exhaling, pause, inhaling, pause, exhaling...........

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