Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yoga is controlling

1. When I practice yoga I control the breath. I practice uddjjay breathing that allows me to hear my own breathing. Breath is supposed to be evenly and it is supposed to match with the movements. The breaths are even counted. Manipulating the breath had an influence on our feelings. Breathing calmly is calming.

Controlling and counting seems to belong together. Each asana is held for 5 breaths. It's fixed.

2. The movement of the eyes are controlled. A gazing point is given. It is known that when thinking happens, the eyes move. This is called RAM, rapid eye movement. When the eyes are kept motionless, the thinking is influenced, controlled, it should become less.

3. The movements of the body are controlled. Yoga is not free style dancing. I do not swing my arms wildly around my body. I do not jump around. There are series, the asanas are in a certain order and this has to be respected, it is said. The position of the feet, the position of the hands the position of the head, the torso everything is fixed.

Practicing yoga is practicing discipline.

Perhaps this is one of the reason why I find so many artists among Ashtanga yoginis. A balance is needed.

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liveloveyoga said...

What a great insight! It is a wonder why a type-A control freak like me enjoys yoga so much... and here I'm thinking yoga is freeing me. Perhaps this is why yoga teaches us to be free again at the same time... like kids :)