Monday, November 29, 2010


Picture: My view this morning when I looked out of the balcony doors. Winter is here.

The consequences:
- Busses and tram were too late this morning. It took me much longer till I arrived at the Mysore class. When I entered the hall, I heard my fellow yoginis already chanting the opening prayer.
- Quickly I went to the changing room. My body was cold till the bones. I had no feeling in my body, legs remained cold much too long. I know I have to put on much more clothes when I don't want to feel so cold so long.

Not only the weather, also that I haven't moved much yesterday made my practice stiff. I sat in restaurants, in the car and in the plane yesterday. This was it. Yeah, I could take my legs behind the head. That's not the point. The body was reluctant, rusty. It didn't feel good today, whatever I exercised. M realized this. This is what makes him to an excellent teacher. He feels in what state the bodies are. Only twice he adjusted me in urdhva dhanuasana, no handstand today and dropping from handstand into urdhva dhanurasana. I was relieved. I had reached my limits today, but they were modest.
I stepped on the scales this morning. I thought I had lost weight, but this was not the case. So this in addition didn't help me to be like a flexible swan.

So many reasons I've found why I wasn't flexible, strong and focused today. This consoles. I'm convinced, these ups and downs are part of the practice. They help me to adjust my life style again and again.

Back to an ascetic life NOW.

A book recommendation: "The collector" bye John Fowles:

Thank you for buying your Christmas presents via my blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing travels through Nice (and France). After having a very full house with my family with us the past few days I'm catching up on your blog. No yoga practice for days due to granddaughter's bunking in my yoga room and a back injury. I will find your post today very helpful as I reaquaint my body to yoga

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb,
Start slowly, practice slowly and with care. To practice slowly always helps me.
I hope it's nothing serious with your back. Take hot baths to relax the body and the muscles. This is also something that helps me always.
Have a good start again.

Quentin said...

Which Ashtanga series has one go from handstand to wheel?

Germany must be so beautiful in Winter, especially Christmas trees.

Ursula said...

Hi Quentin,
It's second series.

In first series you drop down and come up.
In second series you combine this with handstand.
It can be seen very good in the book by Matthew Sweeney.

Ursula said...

Oh, yes winter is nice in Germany. The Christmas markets are beautiful. I'll take some pictures.

I prefer summer time. U

Quentin said...

In my personal practice I work on handstand following boat, but must use one foot to power kick up and stay a few moments and fall to feet and then go into boat. sometimes I include this as option for the led class, but I am only one trying to do this. The class looks at me and sits in dandasana. The class will do the half vinyasa jump backs with me as the other option.