Friday, November 26, 2010


When we returned from our trip to Antibes, we turned on the heater. Also in the south of France it's cold now. Having space and time and a warm room invited me to practice. It was already evening, lunch was digested and so I stepped on the mat.

It's Friday today and this is the day where I practice primary. How can my body become so rusty in such a short time? My body felt not only stiff, but weak, too. After navasana I gave up to do full vinyasa. I know very well that a lousy practice is better than no practice at all. I had to vex myself through this primary. Very sloppy I performed the asanas, more was not possible.

It's done. Yeahhhh, yepeeeee. To go through all the asanas when the body is strong and flexible is a piece of cake to practice, but to do it when it's difficult is really good.

So tomorrow is my day off. It would be better to take a day off on Sunday as I will probably have no time to practice on Sunday, the day of my return to Munich. I shall see what will happen. This is not my issue now, really not.

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