Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Travelling and practicing

There are many reasons why it is useful to cultivate a solid home practice or self-practice. Travelling is one reason. I do not have to interrupt my practice during travelling when I've learned how to start and how to practice. It is especially much fun to practice at new places.

This evening we'll travel to the South of France, Nice. We have booked a nice hotel room in Valbonne. It's not at the coast, it's a bit inside the country, a most beautiful little village. We've been there already twice. I know what I'm looking forward to: French luxury, French way of living.

My yoga mat, my camera, my PC travel with me.

So, and now I'm in a hurry already. So glad that I have still time to go to a Mysore class: second series today.

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Picture: Marichyasana B. The right food is not parallel, I was in a hurry, hahahaha, details are important, but sometimes I don't care obviously.

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