Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This beast kapotasana

Shameless as I am I publish this video.
Kapotasana, this beast has the potential to drive me crazy.

Mixed feelings come up when I watch myself doing this challenging back bending asana with the beautiful name kapotasana. 
My performance is very modest, but this is already a huge progress.

- When I look back in the beginning of 2009 I desperately tried to drop back to urdhva dhanurasana. I was too scared. Someone advised me to drop back while on my knees (kapotasana position). That way the distance to the floor is much shorter. Despite I was on my knees, I was so scared to drop back. Finally I did it, a blanket was there where my head could fall on the floor. It was psychological support. Ha, and then I had the courage to drop back. Knees were wide apart, but I did it. I fell backwards and I could hold myself with my stretched arms and I survived this adventure. Joy was great. It was also the beginning of learning kapotasana.
No way to walk the hands in, this was also not the intention.

- Kapotasana is one of the core asanas of the second series, I'm working on it 3 times a week now:
1. I'm no more scared to drop back. Not the slightest thought comes up this could be dangerous. I think this is already a progress!
2. When I want to be able to do this pose the hands are supposed to touch the feet. It's a long way back. But the distance is smaller already, yes, it is. 
3. But what can I do that my elbows start loving each other. They are supposed to be parallel. A continent lies between them in Nov 2010. What can I do to bring them closer, I wondered, what can I do???
4. I do not even think to come up from that pose. I'm glad when I get out of it without injuring myself. Oh, I wish I had started earlier with this back bending stuff.

My videos help me to see the facts. It helps me also to plan the next steps:
1. I must walk my hands closer to my feet.
2. I must try to bring my elbows closer together. Shall this be enough.

Next video of kapotasana will be in 6 months not earlier. I want to see greater progress. My body needs time to develop. I gave everything what was possible today. That's it.

What a nice name "kapotasana".


Nobel said...

Shameless? Don't be so hard on yourself. It takes great courage to film yourself, especially in kapo. I'm sure I'll cringe if I ever see myself on video getting into kapo.

I don't know if you wanted any feedback, but here's some unsolicited feedback:

(1) Feel free to "hang" in the pose for as long as you like before you drop back. This can help your chest to open more. I always take my time to hang and open the chest before dropping back. Hanging also allows you to be with the feeling of uncertainty and/or fear that kapo often evokes in many people.

(2) Do you do laghu vajrasana? It's very helpful for developing the strength to come up from kapo. I don't want to sound like I am preaching, but I think it was Gregor Maehle who said that flexibility without strength is a very dangerous thing. You want the backbend to come from the strength and opening of your front opening, not the compression of your back.

As I said, I don't know if you welcome feedback. If you don;t just ignore everything I said above.

The Author said...

Very inspiring!

Ursula said...

Dear Nobel,
Your feed-back is very welcomed.

I'm very thankful for your recommendation. I will hang in that pose. This sounds to be very helpful.

I always try to build strength,too, but I must admit, I have difficulties to come up from laghu vajrasana.

I totally agree with you. It's not simply dropping back, it's about strength (that helps to control the pose) and opening.
Thank you again for hte feedback.
And happy practices.

Ursula said...

To the author: thank you. :)

Shanna said...

I thought your drop back was really nice. I couldn't tell from the video but are you walking your hands on the outside of the feet? A method that helps is to walk your hands on the outside of the feet then slide them over to the feet. For some reason, I seem to get deeper that way. Does that make sense?


Ursula said...

Thank you Shanna,
Yes this makes sense. I surely try it.
What cannot seen, I really fight. It looks as if it is easy but it isn't .
I thought that it can also make sense to change the position of the hands, so that the elbows move together. This pose surely needs further exploration.