Monday, November 22, 2010

Strategies for some asanas

Pashasana: I'm happy that I can hook the fingers when I twist into this pose. It needn't to be the wrist that I hold. But I'd like to have the feet on the floor without the blanket under my heels. The ankle between upper feet and shin bones must become smaller.
My strategy: I'll make downward facing dog a bit larger.

Krounchasana: One day the shin shall touch the leg that points to the sky.
My strategy: I'll hold this pose a bit longer. Positive thoughts will accompany this pose. One day this shall be possible.

Laghu vajrasana: To come up is the challenge.
My strategy: I really remember to have active legs during my practice. This pose needs strong legs. To repeat it twice at least is a good idea. Not to stay in that pose, but to come up as soon as the head has touched the floor can be a good idea, too.

Repetition, staying longer in certain poses, remaining optimistic are the strategies that always help to improve a pose.

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Picture: Munich on a Sunday morning

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