Friday, November 26, 2010

Still in France

I cannot preach wine and I drink water, I thought yesterday. It was evening when I stepped on my mat. A few sun salutation can be enough from time to time. So often I'v written it, sometimes I must listen to my own words. Only to start was difficult. As soon as I had started I wanted to go on. A most intensive primary happened. I omitted a few asanas at the end (but not urdhva dhanurasana), because E was already waiting for me. We wanted to have a last glass of wine at the reception. It's a nice atmosphere downstairs at night. Comfortable chairs and sofas are there, other hotel guests usually sit there,too and discuss the next day. The majority are men and on a business trip.

Also today the sun is shining. We'll drive to Antibes with our rental car. It's also a most beautiful little village with a lot of tiny shops with delicatesses. One restaurant is next to the other. There is also a market.

Time to move on.........

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JadeLD said...

Sounds like a lovely trip, I'm glad you are seeing some sunshine, all we see here today is snow!

Have a lovely weekend,