Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sirsasana, coming up with straight legs

There was a time when I was able to get into sirsasana with straight legs. The fear to fall returned and from one day to the other I was no more able to come up with straight legs.

The trick: I walk with my feet as close as possible. Finally the legs lift from alone. I must have forgotten this.

Yoga is controlling I wrote a few days ago. This also means that we move into an asana controlled. I should be able to stop my movements any time I want, no matter if I get into the pose or out of it. What is true for sirsasana is also true for salamba sarvangasana (and for other asanas, too). It's not letting go and falling out of a pose. It's a controlled movement.

The breath initiates the movement. Re sirsasana I inhale, inhaling matches with the movement.

Picture 3: Oh, the legs are parallel, as it is supposed to be when doing sirsasana in the closing sequence.


Heath Blackstone said...

Great Post. Sirsasana is the best asana in Yoga. Its best for headaches and is generally practiced in the mornings.
h.i.t. training

tanya said...

i do not think that is was a wall supported sisasana why in the photograph it appears in that fashion.well good to come back after a long gap

Ursula said...

Welcome back tanya,
Some poses I learned against a wall, it was not sirsasana. I started sirsasana in the middle of the room. In fact this pose is relatively easy to learn.


Quentin said...

In the beginning I was taught headstand jumping against the wall. Unfortunately it took years overcoming this error in teaching. It was not until I spent a whole month at Sivananda Yoga Ranch that I learned sirsasana properly. Old habits and poor form developed from kicking up using the wall are difficult to break. On days that I am not focusing on control and breath I will fall out of the pose. Ursula you are fortunate to have wise, experienced teachers. Your Sirsasana B pictures inspire me to include this in my practice, for I have been leaving it our of the Primary Series. Thanks for reminding that one walks with straight legs until the they naturally go up. Namaste.

Ursula said...

Yes Quentin, what you say is so true. The wall can help sometimes, but when it comes to headstands it can ruin more than it can do good.

Btw, I learned headstand from a Sivananda teacher in a day. I was told how to do it correctly and I did it. From that time on headstand was mine. I went up not with straight legs in the beginning, but in the middle of a room. Headstand is a relatively easy pose when taught correctly.
Much fun with this pose.

You remind me that I want to hold this pose up to 5 min.
Happy practices for you.