Saturday, November 27, 2010

A relaxing day in Valbonne

We were the last who went down for breakfast this morning. This is not something special, we are always among the late ones. I enjoyed a tiny croissant, a tiny pain au chocolat and a tiny pain au raisin with black coffee. The hotel is deserted at that time of the year. A few business people are here, but they had left the hotel earlier in the morning.

It's even here in the south of France a bit fresh. Later the slight rain became snow. This happens every 10 years.

Lunch: The tagliatelle with ratatouille was hot and we enjoyed a red wine to it, like everybody in that restaurant close to the market. The French people sit close together, there is not much room. You feel it, to eat is important here. How the meals are offered, how the waiters take care of you, how the bottle of wine is opened and how they perform the tasting ritual, every gestures tells: this is a ceremony, enjoy.

We relaxed. In the afternoon I even napped. It can be that I will stretch my body a bit on my mat. I'm not sure.

Tomorrow we'll drive to Nice, it's my last day here. I'm looking forward to walk up and down the promenade there. A last meal will finish my stay here.

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