Saturday, November 06, 2010

Primary - an analysis

Of course, perfection does not exist and every asana can be developped.
Nevertheless I sit here now with the booklet by Matthew Sweeney "Ashtanga yoga as it is" on my left side and I go through the asanas of the first series of Ashtanga yoga.

I'm searching the asanas and vinyasas that need additional attention, additional love:

The asanas:
1. Marichyasana D: I can hold the wrist, but it takes too much time to get into this pose. Not only too much time is needed, also too many breaths are done.
2. Kurmasana: Till now I cannot lift up the heels.
3. Supta kurmasana: I can hook the fingers very well, the toes can touch, but I cannot cross the ankles. Best would be if I could take the legs behind the head in sitting position, before I go into this asana.
4. Upavishta konasana: I try to keep the back straight. The chin does not touch the floor that way.
5. Supta hasta padangusthasana, supta parsvasahita need improvement. In first asana the leg is not really stretched when the head touches the leg. In second asana is the leg that is on the side far away from the floor.
6. Urdhva dhanurasana: It's improving a lot. The legs need to get closer to the hands or the other way round.

Jumping foward: The feet still touch the floor when I swing through my arms, progress can be seen here.
Jumping backwards: Oh, oh, oh, more strength and probably also more technique is required to do it.
Going from tittibhasana to bakasana when doing bhuja pidasana, kurmasana or supta kurmasana: I do not even try it and I don't want to try it. Hahaha.  Good is that tittibhasana has improved.

Picture is taken on my way home from the main station.

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