Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Practicing alone

My last practices were home practices. On Saturday I practiced primary and yesterday second series. It pleased me that I didn't make breaks. I practiced one asana after the other. Did my concentration improve, I wondered?
This yoga has so many aspects. What can be seen are the asanas and how the vinyasas are performed. There has to be done inner work, too.

Engaging the muscles: If the muscles are engaged or not is already something that's difficult to be seen. It makes the asanas stable and protects from injuries. Much too late I discovered the importance of engaging the muscles.
Breathing: I feel how good it is to prolong the inhaling. This is also more subtle work during a practice.
Dristis: To know where to look and to keep the eyes calm is also something that I observe now.
Bandhas: I check if my bandhas (both, mula bandha and uddjyana bandha) are engaged. 

My mind is rather occupied when I practice. It's its task to check the following points in that order:
1. breath,
2. leg muscles
3. bandhas
4. correct performance of the asana drishti,
5. dristhi
Ha there are exactly 5 breath that we usually do when performing an asana and 5 points to check.
Lately I started to hold those asanas a bit longer that need improvement like kurmasana or upavishta konasana.
The body has something to do, but the mind, too.

There is no room for further thoughts. My concentration improves that way. And it is an escape from the daily worrying that happens from time to time. The mind is too busy with more useful tasks. Ha, a nice trick to improve life.

Yesterday I was even glad that E didn't like to eat out, how planned. I cut a red pepper for us, we had bread with it and tea, this was good and enough. The weight has influence on my practice: thinner is better.

Today I'll start my practice lying on my back with a block under my shoulder blades exercising inhaling, deep inhaling. Exhaling happens from alone. Second series is on the schedule.


Francisca said...

Dear Ursula,
Once again, congratulations for your inspiring blog !

Reading your text about practicing alone, I feel that you need to be really commited to make "ashtanga practice at home" part of your routine.

I started practicing on February and I really need it, though I can't find really a daily routine due to my work. But I'm trying hard to find my own routine, like you did, so I can be more independent from classes.

Could you give some good tips ?

Have a nice day !


Ursula said...

Dear Francisca,
Thank you of course.
I'll think of some tips. It will surely be enough stuff for a post. So stay tuned. I try to write soon about it.

Don't give up, it's worth it.