Saturday, November 27, 2010

The poll

Here the result of the poll:

I just started, it's my first year. 44 (27%)
Between 2 and 5 years.           53 (33%)
Between 6 and 10 years.         28 (17%)
More than 10 years.                10 (6%)
I practice another yoga style mainly. 31 (19%)
I don't practice yoga, but I like your blog. 5 (3%)

Thank you very much for having voted. The poll that I had uploaded during the last week showed interesting results. It was perhaps predictable that most of my readers practice up to 5 years. This is also how it is in classes. I'm also glad to have readers who practice longer than 10 years.
I am amazed that so many practice another yoga style and not Ashtanga yoga.
Oh and some do not practice yoga at all.

The result of this poll gives me hints how to write:
1. The basics of Ashtanga yoga remain interesting.
2. It makes sense to link when I use a sanskrit name of an asana.
3. It doesn't matter when I publish posts that are not yoga related.

Picture is taken in Antibes.


Simplicity said...

No, Ursula...
You have to go on with what YOU think is interesting...

I'm one of the 6-10-yearers and find your blog interesting because of your experience and devotion.

Don't change anything..! You and your blog is perfect!

Have nice advent weekend!

Ursula said...

Nothing else is possible.

For a while I thought I should omit all private topics. But I simply cannot. Wink.

Thank you for reading.
Oh yes, the 1st advent is coming. Have a nice weekend, too.