Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh this world is small.....

Impossible, I forgot to take a picture. So impossible, and I had my camera in my red handbag.

Tim from the US and his son were in Munich and we (E, T, O and me) went out to have dinner together.

O was strong. He stayed awake. At the end of the evening it could be seen that he was tired. Tim was used to jet lag. Tim and me know each other from blogging and now we met in real life. Not one second was boring. We met and started talking (not only about yoga, hahaha) as if we knew forever. E loved the evening, too.

This is modern world. Connections can begin on a PC site and suddenly one looks in the face of this person, that one first met online "only". This time is great, full of opportunities to meet interesting nice people around the globe.

Who knows, perhaps we meet again. This would be awesome.


Tracy said...


Ursula said...

Yeah, it was a wonderful evening!

OldBoy said...

Nice Title!!!!
This world is a small place if you big heart and think big too!!!!!
It helps us to get connected easily and feel like world is really a small place despite of huge geographical distances and boundaries.

Ursula said...

This is very nice said and so true. :)

Tim said...

Yes! Thanks so much again, and it is good to start Owen training as an international traveller. You were just as I expected (from your well-documented life), and it was great to meet E.

I look forward to our next meeting. I definitely want to return to Munich!

Tim said...

Oh, and I also thought afterwards about how we did not get a picture together. How not?

Ursula said...

Tim I can only repeat: it was fantastic to meet you both. What a lovely evening.
It would be nice to meet you again here, Munich has still a lot of things to discover. And yoga is great here.
Happy days for you and your family.