Wednesday, November 03, 2010

An Indian lentil soup without coriander, without a bit of chilie, without ginger...

An Indian red lentil soup without coriander, without a bit of chili, without ginger, without garlic might be still a soup, but something is missing. All the spices make the red lentils taste better. The ingredients of a soup are not in competition with each other, they complement each other.

So it is with a yoga practice: The breath, the bandhas, drishtis, engaging the muscles support performing the asanas comme il faut. Focusing on the breath is not a shift from the rough parts of yoga, the asanas to the sublte ones. All together they make the yoga practice to a perfect meditation in motion. The correct breathing supports and helps to perform the asanas. So it is with the dristhis, the bandhas and so on. They cannot be seen isolated. Or another metaphor: the jungle is more than a collection of trees and bushes.

Second series was excellent again today in the Mysore class. I felt that I practiced along my limits.
That I do not drink red wine anymore is very good for my body and therefore for my yoga practice. I simply had enough. It makes a difference. I will have again red wine moments in my life, also Champagner moments. But not every dinner or lunch must be accompanied with a glass of red wine. Water is it and I love it: My favourite water is: San Pellegrino, sparkling.

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