Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm through

"I'm through now," I said to my yogini friends yesterday during lunch after our Mysore class. I had practiced second series and M had shown me the last 4 headstands. These were the last missing asanas. This was my goal in the beginning of the year to practice the entire second series. One of my goal is achieved, the only one. Hahaha.
M, who had lunch with us said: "Now the work begins." This is exactly how I feel. The asanas are introduced to me now. We greeted each other, shook hands. The body got a first feeling of them, now the work can begin. And I'm looking forward to it.

Picture: Ardha matsyendrasana - again I learn via my pictures. I think the shoulders are supposed to be horizontal. On the pic the one shoulder is higher than the other. The foot that stands on the floor must be posed  a bit closer to the body to do this. I'll try this the next time.

Never eat alone - Keith Ferrazzi

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Grimmly said...

Congratulations Ursula!

Ursula said...

Yes, it's a great joy.

Quentin said...

How fortunate for teacher to give and show the asana. Here in the USA where I go, this does not happen in Mysore class. Usually the teacher comes up to student and adjusts then asks for you to do another pose, which may not be in the sequence for next one, or it may be one you left out. Then the teacher talks you into while adjusting, and then goes to another student.

Ursula said...

I'm so thankful that we have M here. He is so excellent.

I mean I don't want to work from 9 to 5 because then I'd miss his classes. This says everything.

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Happy practices.