Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hip opening?

A subscriber to my youtube videos, a young nice lady, a yogini had a wish:
Hey do you think you can do a video on Hip Openers like in your yoga blog or the section with "Hips" in it

And might I suggest but you don't have to, wear the exact outfit along with it.
I would love to see all that please!
Thank you!

This wish made me think about the hips: I came to the conclusion that "hip opening" is a confusing word. When I practice yoga I enlarge the flexibility of my hips in all possible directions.
More precise:
The hips last but not least are a bone formed as a joint or better two joints. These joints connect the legs with the torso.
- The legs need to move freely in all possible directions. In daily life we mainly walk, we put on our socks, we have to twist from time to time, we scarcely bend backwards.
- When I practice yoga I bring my body in all possible positions: I bend forward, I bend backwards, I twist and always the hips play an important role. Always I go so far that I feel my limits and I push them a bit, with care and attentiveness. That way the flexibility to move the legs or torso becomes greater. For me it's easy to do baddha konasana.  Back bending and upavishta konasana i.e. is more challenging.
In classes I see that the flexibility of the hips of yoginis is different: Some are talented back benders, some have no difficulties to take the leg behind the head. 

To make a video on hip opening is insofar difficult as in almost every pose the hips play a key role.

It's really time to study anatomy.  

The idea with the clothes is great. To dress red clothes when back bending, green clothes when forward bending is funny, but too much organizing.

Yoga and anatomy:

This will be my next book on yoga. It seems to be a good one.

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